Since 1993, our clients have benefited from a 30% cost saving over equivalent product from original equipment manufacturers (OEM). For these companies, this has amounted to significant yearly savings, whilst purchasing consumables of identical quality and performance.

Equivalent Ink is more than just a 30% cost saving. The most critical element in our business is the quality of products. The last thing anyone wants is for the entire production line to stop simply because of a problem with the inkjet printer. Therefore at Equivalent Ink, we made product quality our primary focus.

Equivalent inks has a wide range of products suitable for both Continuous Inkjet (CIJ) and Drop on Demand (DOD) printers over all major coder makes and models. It is the only company that can provide a one stop shop for all inkjet needs!

Equivalent inks is supporting more than 1500 machine all across india.

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